Union Republic Of Spain (America Taken Over Lands To USA)Edit

Union Republica De Espana
Spain Union Flag


Spain union arms


La Europa Mapas 2


Basic Information
Motto La Patria De Comunismo
Anthem La Internacional Comunista
Capital Madrid
Largest city Barcelona
Other cities Perpingan, Sevilla, Valencia, Hendaye, La Coruna, Burgos
Demonym Spanish
Government Communist-Allied
President Maria Valeria
Area 505,996,km
Population 89,27,475,886
Established 1453 (With Union Of Castile And Aragon)
Independence 1937 Allied Nation OF U.S.A.
Predecessor Kingdom Of Spain and Francoist Spain
Currency Spanish Peseta
Time zone IST, WET, EUT, (GMT+6 GMT+7)
Internet TLD .es, .eu .SovietPact
Calling code 409
Official language Spanish, Catalan, French, Basque, Galician,
National language Spanish
Regional languages Catalan, Basque
Other languages French, Italian
Ethnic groups
Main ethnic groups Spanish, Hispanics, White Latinos, Latinos
Other ethnic groups Catalan, French, Basque, Portuguesse
State religion Roman Catholicsm
Main religion(s) Christianity (77%) Roman Catholicism (78,88%)
Other religions Protestant (14%), Evangelicalism (6%), Lutheranism (1%), Baptism (1%), 1% other

Spain Is Most Powerful Nation in world and its nations our globe and allied with united states


The Spain Crunch Into Revolts But Ends & Became Communist By Albert Einstein in WW2 His Friends Flee To Africa To Ask To Help Americans To Fight While Spain Neutral After Germany Attakced Danubia And France And Spain Return Allied Nation After Attacked By Germany At Space Race Spain Sucessful Lunar Landing Spain Is Thrid Lunar Landing Nation While Next To Nations In 1969
Buzz on the Moon

Spanish Astronaut Jose Garcia Sees Steven Buckher

At Astronaut Jose Garcia Lands And Sucessfull Spain Victory in 1969 Modern Its Allowed Protest Against Global Warming Its Harm

Popular MediaEdit

Popular Media & All Give From USA And Mexico After War Its Entertainment Socities
Hollywood Olivia Wilde

Spanish American Mexican Actress Valeriana Martinez

Like Hollywood Medias TV And Movies To Like Hollywood Movies

And Its Culture From Americans After World War 2 And Spain Its 3rd Hollywood And Popular Nation On Earth And Space Supperpower Strong Nation On Earth

Law And MilitaryEdit

Spain Has Forces And Its Airforce All Nations Use It Its Laws Like Jailed And Laws Violations

Ermita museo * San Antonio de la Florida

Communism Palace

Its Like Crime Laws Could Examples Votes And Army

TA-ES 1 Spanish Plane

Strong 3rd army world

Transportates In SpainEdit

Spain Transports And Use Planes Like Airplanes Air Iberia And All Planes And Attendance Flights Are Used But Accidents In Reports From Government This Airplanes Crashes Every Year In Times
Transworld Airline (TWA)

Air Iberica