Earth is 4.578 billion years old. We all know that. We also know that all of mankind came from Africa. There are, of course, people that don't believe in this theory, but most of mankind believes in this. But what if the Earth is only about 22,000 years old? What if the mankind populated whole of Earth from the beginning? What if most of nations and countries existed before Christ? There is one logical answer - there is an infinite number of combinations of events that would make the overall history. This timeline is one of these combinations.

This timeline is a "live" timeline - that means that its story doesn't stop at one point, but continues to unfold until now, and beyond...

Today is the year 2022. After the collapse of the United Nations (2010), NATO (2009) and the European Union (2009), the world is divided between three alliances - the Euroatlantic Alliance (EAA - the successor of NATO), the Union of Independent World Nations (UIWN - Russia-led, mostly nationalist) and the Bloc of Free States (BFS - communist). The world is currently peaceful - mostly. There are minor problems in all countries - separatism, civil wars, assassinations, bankruptcy, protests, anarchy, social and ethnic cleansing. Though these problems occur often, everyone says the same - may the Black Decade never comes back...


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