Српска демократска странка


Mladen Bosić

Deputy president

Gavro Depešić


Slobodan Firčanin, Goran Megelj






Serbian nationalism, Great Serbia, National conservatism, Anti-fascism

Political position


Official colors

Red, blue, white, gold

The Serbian Democratic Party (Serbian: Српска демократска странка, СДС, SDS) was a far-right political party in Serbia. It was led by Radovan Karadžić, Dragan Čavić, and Mladen Bosić.

The party was founded in 1990 by two Serbian nationalists - Radovan Karadžić and Jovan Rašković. Karađžić became the leader of the party in SR Bosnia and Herzegovina, while Rašković became the leader for SR Croatia. The party was the ruling party in the Republic of Serbian Krajina for the whole time of its existence (1991-1995) and Republika Srpska (1991-2006).

The Serbian Democratic Party was under sanctions from the United States until 2016, when Bosnia and Herzegovina became a part of Serbia after the war. The sanctions prohibited any transfer of funds and material from the US to the SDS and vice versa.

The party united with the Serbian Radical Party in 2022.

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