Српска аутономна област Расина
SAO Rasina - zastava


SAO Rasina - grb
Coat of Arms
SAO Rasina map
Location of SAO Rasina
Capital Kruševac
Largest city Kruševac
Other cities Trstenik, Aleksandrovac, Brus, Vrnjačka Banja
President Momčilo Duvnjak (SRS)
Area 2,294 km²
Population 501,476
Autonomy 3 May 2013
Time zone CET, CEST (UTC+1, UTC+2)
Official language Serbian
Regional languages none
Other languages Romani
Ethnic groups
Main ethnic groups Serbs
Other ethnic groups Romani
Main religion(s) Eastern Orthodoxy (99.8%)
Other religions Sunni Islam (0.1%), 0.1% other

SAO Rasina, officially the Serbian Autonomous Oblast of Rasina (Serbian: Српска аутономна област Расина) is a Serbian Autonomous Oblast of Serbia. Its capital and the largest city is Kruševac. SAO Rasina got its autonomy on May 3, 2013.

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