Српска аутономна област Браничево
SAO Branicevo - zastava


SAO Branicevo - grb
Coat of Arms
SAO Branicevo map
Location of SAO Braničevo
Capital Požarevac
Largest city Požarevac
Other cities Kostolac, Veliko Gradište, Golubac, Petrovac na Mlavi, Kučevo, Žagubica
President Teodor Radmilov
Area 3,865 km²
Population 562,645
Autonomy December 2012
Time zone CET, CEST (UTC+1, UTC+2)
Official language Serbian
Regional languages none
Other languages Vlach, Romani
Ethnic groups
Main ethnic groups Serbs (Vlachs)
Other ethnic groups Romani
Main religion(s) Eastern Orthodoxy (99.9%)
Other religions 0.1%

SAO Braničevo, officially the Serbian Autonomous Oblast of Braničevo (Serbian: Српска аутономна област Браничево) is a Serbian Autonomous Oblast in the eastern part of Serbia. Its capital and largest city is Požarevac. It was formed in December 2012, during the Serbian civil war.

Administrative divisionsEdit

SAO Braničevo is divided into župas. Each župa contains a number of municipalities.

Cities and townsEdit

Cities of SAO Braničevo by population
Nr. Name Population
1 Požarevac 97,294
2 Petrovac na Mlavi 23,309
3 Kostolac 15,952
4 Veliko Gradište 13,709
5 Kučevo 9,054
6 Žagubica 7,337
7 Golubac 6,570

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