Република Брда


Coat of Arms
Location of Brda within Montenegro
Period 2008-2016
Predecessor Montenegro1 Montenegro
Successor Serbia1 Serbia
Basic Information
Motto Крст, дом, слобода (Cross, home, freedom)
Anthem Ој, свијетла мајска зоро
Capital Berane
Largest city Berane
Other cities Pljevlja
Demonym Brđanin
Government Nation state
Presidents Milorad Petrović (2008-2016)
Area 5,854 km²
Population 245,843
Currency Serbian dinar
Time zone CET, CEST (UTC+1, UTC+2)
Internet TLD .rs
Calling code 381
Official language Serbian
National language Serbian
Regional languages Albanian
Other languages Romani
Ethnic groups
Main ethnic groups Serbs
Other ethnic groups Albanians
State religion Eastern Orthodoxy
Main religion(s) Eastern Orthodoxy (84%)
Other religions Sunni Islam (14%), 2% other

The Republic of Brda (Serbian: Република Брда) was one of two unrecognized countries (the other being the Republic of Herceg Novi) consisting of the historical region of Brda (Pljevlja, Žabljak, Mojkovac, Bijelo Polje, Berane, Rožaje, Plav and Andrijevica municipalities) and the Plužine municipality. It proclaimed independence from Montenegro in 2008, days after the government of Montenegro voted for the recognition of Kosovo as an independent country. Brda fought alongside with Serbia against Montenegro, and eventually unified with Serbia in 2016.