Ratification of Budapest (America Taken Over Lands To USA)Edit

Megerősítés Budapest
Flag of Budapest 2


Comunism Budapestias


Location of budapest
Basic Information
Motto der ein kommunist und volksunion
Anthem Die Ein Allies Und Her Sein
Capital Budapest
Largest city Budapest
Other cities Budapest
Demonym Budapestian
Government Communist-Marxist
President Algary Malyom
Area 67,0003,km
Population 2327,475,886
Established 1918 Treaty of New York
Independence From Hungary
Predecessor Austro Hungary and Ratification of Budapest
Currency Danubian Mark
Time zone EET, EEST (UTC+2, UTC+3)
Official language Hungarian
National language Hungarian
Regional languages Hungarian
Other languages Hebrew, Romani
Ethnic groups
Main ethnic groups Hungarian
Other ethnic groups Poles, Germans, Jews, Romani
State religion none
Main religion(s) Christianity (77%)
Other religions Roman Catholicism (14%), Evangelicalism (6%), Lutheranism (1%), Baptism (1%), 1% other

Budapest Ratification Is Nation But Located At Budapest


Votation In Located At Budapest Area But There Unified But Hungarian Capital Relocated At Gyor After War But Unfied

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