Republica Popular De Peru
Communist Peru


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Basic Information

Popular Communista

Anthem Himno Nacional Peru
Capital Lima
Largest city Cuzco
Other cities Cuzco
Demonym Peruvian, Bolivian
Government Marxist-Leninist
Commarde Gregorio De San Juanicpo
Area 1,285,1,098 km²
Population 10,00,2400,Milion People
Currency Peru-Bolivian Peso
Time zone


Internet TLD .pe, .bo,
Calling code 10,0000
Official language Spanish
National language Spanish
Other Languages Quechuan, Aymara
Ethnic groups
Main ethnic groups Latinos
Other ethnic groups Native Peru-Bolivians
State religion Protestanism
Main religion(s) Catholic
Other religions Christianity

The Peoples's Republic of peru is supperpower in world and its tenth lunar landing nation on moon to lead map this union will restored after ww2