In June 1999, there was a dispute between the Russian and NATO peacekeepers over the Priština airport in Kosovo. The Russian forces captured the airport. In response, Gen. Wesley Clark demanded that British General Sir Mike Jackson storm the airport with paratroopers. Jackson refused, saying "I'm not going to start the Third World War for you".

But what if Jackson actually sent the paratroopers and started the "Third World War"? This timeline represents a possible result of the attack on the Russian peacekeepers in Priština, which is the Third World War. In the war, of course, nuclear weapons were used.

The war resulted in the destruction of almost all world countries and 2/3 of world population. The people started to make new countries and recreate everything from scratch. But, there are still conflicts in the world. More than you can imagine...

This is a "live" timeline - its story continues to unfold now, in real time.


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