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Eastern EuropeEdit

Armenia1 Armenia

Russia1 Russia

Central EuropeEdit

Flag of Bukovina Bukovina

Germany1 Germany

Flag of Liechtenstein Liechtenstein

Flag of Moldavia Moldavia

Flag of Moravia Moravia

Flag of Poland Poland

Romania1 Romania

Slovakia1 Slovakia

Flag of Slovenia Slovenia

Switzerland1 Switzerland

Flag of Tyrol Tyrol

Southeast EuropeEdit

Albania1 Albania

Bulgaria1 Bulgaria

Flag of Greece Greece

Flag of Rumelian Republic Rumelian Republic

Serbia1 Serbia

Northern EuropeEdit

Aland1 Åland

Cornwall1 Cornwall

England1 England

Faroe Islands1 Faroe Islands

Iceland1 Iceland

Ireland1 Ireland

Lapland1 Lapland

Manx Republic1 Manx Republic

Norway1 Norway

Scotland1 Scotland

Sweden1 Sweden

Wales1 Wales

Western EuropeEdit

Alsace1 Alsace

Andorra1 Andorra

Brittany1 Brittany

Flanders1 Flanders

France1 France

Frisia1 Frisia

Lorraine1 Lorraine

Luxembourg1 Luxembourg

Monaco1 Monaco

Netherlands1 Netherlands

Wallonia1 Wallonia

Southern EuropeEdit

Aosta1 Aosta

Aragon1 Aragon

Corsica1 Corsica

Lombardy1 Lombardy

Liguria1 Liguria

Malta1 Malta

Naples1 Naples

Navarra1 Navarra

Papal State1 Papal State

Portugal1 Portugal

San Marino1 San Marino

Sardinia1 Sardinia

Sicily1 Sicily

Spain1 Spain

Tuscany1 Tuscany

Venice1 Venice


Central AsiaEdit

Tajikistan1 Tajikistan

Turkmenistan1 Turkmenistan

Southwest AsiaEdit

Arabia1 Arabia

Iraq1 Iraq

Israel1 Israel

Kurdistan1 Kurdistan

Kuwait1 Kuwait

Lebanon1 Lebanon

Syria1 Syria

South AsiaEdit

Afghanistan1 Afghanistan

Bangladesh1 Bangladesh

Bhutan1 Bhutan

India1 India

Iran1 Iran

Nepal1 Nepal

SriLanka1 Sri Lanka

East AsiaEdit

China1 China

Japan1 Japan

Korea1 Korea

Southeast AsiaEdit

Burma1 Burma

Indonesia1 Indonesia

Malaysia1 Malaysia

Philippines1 Philippines

Thailand1 Thailand

Vietnam1 Vietnam


Australia1 Australia

Fiji1 Fiji

Hawaii1 Hawaii

Kiribati1 Kiribati

Nauru1 Nauru

NewZealand1 New Zealand

Samoa1 Samoa

SolomonIslands1 Solomon Islands

Tonga1 Tonga

Tuvalu1 Tuvalu

Vanuatu1 Vanuatu


North AfricaEdit

Egypt1 Egypt

Libya1 Libya

Algeria1 Algeria

Morroco1 Morroco

NorthSudan1 North Sudan

SouthSudan1 South Sudan

West AfricaEdit

Nouakchott1 Protectorate of Nouakchott

Senegal11 Senegal

Guinea1 Guinea

Liberia1 Liberia

Mali1 Mali

IvoryCoast1 Ivory Coast

Niger1 Niger

Ghana1 Ghana

Togo1 Togo

Benin1 Benin

Nigeria1 Nigeria

Central AfricaEdit

Chad1 Chad

CentralAfrica1 Central African Republic

Cameroon1 Cameroon

EquatorialGuinea1 Equatorial Guinea

Gabon1 Gabon

Congo1 Congo

East AfricaEdit

Ethiopia1 Ethiopia

Eritrea1 Eritrea

Djibouti1 Djibouti

Somaliland1 Somaliland

Somalia1 Somalia

Kenya1 Kenya

Uganda1 Uganda

Tanzania1 Tanzania

Southern AfricaEdit

Angola1 Angola

Zambia1 Zambia

Malawi1 Malawi

Mozambique1 Mozambique

Zimbabwe1 Zimbabwe

Namibia1 Namibia

Botswana1 Botswana

SouthAfrica1 South Africa

Madagascar1 Madagascar


  • Nations in italic are unrecognized countries or entities.

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