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List of nations and territories, as of 2012:



Nation Capital Language(s) Population Notes
Flag of Abkhazia Abkhazia Ochamchira Abkhaz 91,040
Flag of Albania Albania Berat Albanian 1,042,008
Flag of Alicante Alicante Alicante Catalan, Spanish 264,350
Armenia1 Armenia Vanadzor Armenian 1,974,500
Aquitaine flag Aquitaine Mont-de-Marsan French, Occitan 2,411,533
Flag of Asturias Asturias Oviedo Spanish, Asturian 812,180
Flag of Azerbaijan Azerbaijan Ganja Azerbaijani 6,567,090
Flag of Badajoz Badajoz Badajoz Spanish 756,850
Flag of Basilicata Basilicata Potenza Italian 319,980
Flag of Bath Bath Bath English 71,605
Flag of Bavaria Bavaria Ingolstadt German 7,675,000
22px Beja Beja Portuguese 21,400
Flag of Belarus Belarus Mogilev Belarusian, Russian 2,349,052
Flag of Bialystok Białystok Białystok Polish 219,790
Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina Zenica Bosnian, Croatian 1,566,900
Flag of Brandenburg Brandenburg Cottbus German 710,362
Flag of Braila Brăila Brăila Romanian 149,552
Flag of Brest Brest Brest Belarusian, Russian 214,000
Flag of Cadiz Cadiz Cadiz Spanish 108,540
Flag of Cambridge Cambridge Cambridge English 138,930
Flag of Canterbury Canterbury Canterbury English 46,810
Aragon1 Catalan Republic Terrassa Catalan 5,147,200
Cornwall1 Cornwall Truru Cornish 173,132
Corsica1 Corsica Bastia Corsican, French 217,900
Flag of Circassia Circassia Maykop Circassian, Russian, Ukrainian 310,751
Flag of Craiova Craiova Craiova Romanian 481,810
Flag of Crimea Crimea Yevpatoria Russian, Ukrainian 798,540
Flag of Croatia Croatia Varaždin Croatian 3,475,990
Flag of Cyprus Cyprus Nicosia Greek, Turkish 787,090
Flag of Czechia-Silesia Federal State of Czechia-Silesia Plzeň Czech, Silesian, Moravian 10,215,320 Federation of Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia
Flag of Dagestan Dagestan Makhachkala Dargin, Avar, Kumyk, Lezgin 976,000
Flag of Denmark Denmark Horsens Danish 4,413,980
Flag of Dobrich Dobrich Dobrich Bulgarian 89,540
Flag of Donetsk Donetsk Donetsk Ukrainian 2,167,000
Flag of Dornbirn Dornbirn Dornbirn German 51,400