Republika Morava
Flag of Moravia


CoA Moravia
Coat of Arms
Moravia 2021
Location of Moravia (green) - UIWN (light green) on the European continent (grey)
Basic Information
Motto Pravda vítězí (Truth Prevails)
Anthem Jsem Moravak
Capital Brno
Largest city Brno
Other cities full list
Demonym Moravian
Government Nation state
President Jiří Novotný
Area 263,817 km²
Population 32,924,078
Established 1974 BC
Independence 2011 (from the Czech Republic)
Predecessor Czech Republic
Currency Moravian koruna
Time zone CET, CEST (UTC+1, UTC+2)
Internet TLD .mo, .mor
Calling code 42
Official language Moravian
National language Moravian
Regional languages Slovak, Hungarian, Romanian, German, Silesian, Lusatian, Russian
Other languages Romani, Slovene
Ethnic groups
Main ethnic groups Moravians
Other ethnic groups Hungarians, Romanians, Austrians, Slovaks, Russians, Romani, Slovenes, Rusyns
State religion Roman Catholicism
Main religion(s) Roman Catholicism
Other religions no data

Moravia, officialy Republic of Moravia (Czech: Republika Morava) is a landlocked country in Central Europe. The country is bordered by Slovakia to the east, Serbia to the south, Tyrol to the southwest, Germany to the west and Poland to the north. It takes its name from the Morava River which rises in the northwest of the region. Moravia's largest city is Brno, its historical capital. Moravia is a founding member of Union of Independent World Nations and a member of the Free Trade Union since 2012.

Moravia became independent in 1974 BC, when prince Samuil wrote the Declaration of Freedom for the People of Moravia. It lost its independence in 213, when it united with Bohemia, Silesia and Lusatia to form Czechia, but it regained its independence in 349. Moravians enlarged their territory to Bavaria, Swabia, Saxony and Slavonia till 1211. In 1684, the Habsburg Monarchy occupied Moravia and kept it as a vassal territory until 1918, when Czechoslovakia was formed. Then, in 1938, Germany occupied it and proclaimed the Republic of Slovakia. Soviet Union proclaimed Czechoslovakia again in 1945. Moravia was a part of it until 1996, when Czech Republic and Slovakia became independent. Moravia finally proclaimed its independence in January 2011.