1898-1914 (Fashoda War)1983 Doomsday1st Army "vojvoda Radomir Putnik" (Three World Orders)
2013 ethnic cleansing of Romani in Pčinja (Three World Orders)2nd Army "vojvoda Živojin Mišić" (Three World Orders)3rd Army "serdar Janko Vukotić" (Three World Orders)
4th Army "vojvoda Stepa Stepanović" (Three World Orders)5th Army "vojvoda Petar Bojović" (Three World Orders)Alternative History Wiki
America Taken Over Lands To USABelgradeBelgrade (Three World Orders)
BorBukovina (Three World Orders)Coat of Arms of Serbia
Coat of Arms of Serbia (Three World Orders)Confederate Revolution (Map Game)Cornwall (Old World Downfall)
Danubian Soviet Republic (America Taken Over Lands To USA)Democratic Party (Serbia) (Three World Orders)Democratic Party of Serbia (Three World Orders)
Donji MilanovacFashoda WarFashoda War (Fashoda War)
Flag of SAO Vojvodina (Three World Orders)Flag of SerbiaFlag of Serbia (Three World Orders)
Flags (Three World Orders)Free Republic of Bukovina (Three World Orders)French Third Republic (Fashoda War)
Gallery of former flags (1800-present) (Three World Orders)GreeceGreece (Three World Orders)
Heavy Metal MusicHistory (Fashoda War)History of Serbia (Three World Orders)
Islamic EuropeKladovoKnjaževac
Liechtenstein (Three World Orders)List Of Nations (America Taken Over Lands To USA)List of Serbian flags (Three World Orders)
List of ethnic groups in Serbia (Three World Orders)List of former political parties in Serbia (Three World Orders)List of former political parties in the Kingdom of Serbia/Yugoslavia (Three World Orders)
List of political parties in Serbia (Three World Orders)MajdanpekMoldavia
Moldavia (Three World Orders)MoraviaMoravia (Three World Orders)
Napolean Victorious, the Franco-German Alliance (Map Game)Nations (Old World Downfall)Nations (Three World Orders)
NegotinNew Serbia (Three World Orders)Oj, svijetla majska zoro (Three World Orders)
Old World DownfallParty of Labour (Serbia) (Three World Orders)Party of Socialists (Serbia) (Three World Orders)
Party of United Pensioners of Serbia (Three World Orders)People's Republic Of Peru (America Taken Over Lands To USA)Poland (Three World Orders)
Požarevac (Three World Orders)Privacy policyRatification of Budapest (America Taken Over Lands To USA)
Republic of Bosnia and HerzegovinaRepublic of Brda (Three World Orders)Republic of Bucovina (Three World Orders)
Republic of Croatia (Three World Orders)Republic of Herceg Novi (Three World Orders)Republic of Kosovo (Three World Orders)
Republic of Montenegro (Three World Orders)Rosieanese LanguageRumelian Republic (Three World Orders)
SAO Bosna (Three World Orders)SAO Braničevo (Three World Orders)SAO Crna Gora (Three World Orders)
SAO Kosovo (Three World Orders)SAO Makedonija (Three World Orders)SAO Nišava (Three World Orders)
SAO Rasina (Three World Orders)SAO Timočka Krajina (Three World Orders)SAO Vojvodina (Three World Orders)
SAO Šumadija (Three World Orders)SerbiaSerbia (Three World Orders)
Serbian Armed Forces (Three World Orders)Serbian Army (Three World Orders)Serbian Democratic Party (Three World Orders)
Serbian National Party "ZBOR" (Three World Orders)Serbian Progressive Party (Three World Orders)Serbian Radical Party (Three World Orders)
Serbian parliamentary election, 2022 (Three World Orders)Serbian presidential election, 2022 (Three World Orders)Slovenia
Slovenia (Three World Orders)Social Democratic Party of Serbia (Three World Orders)Socialist Movement (Serbia) (Three World Orders)
Socialist Party of Serbia (Three World Orders)Soviet Administrative Zone Of Austria (America Taken Over Lands To USA)Sovietic Russia (America Taken Over Lands To USA)
Three World OrdersTimeline (Fashoda War)Timeline (Islamic Europe)
Timeline 2009-present (Three World Orders)Timeline of Europe (Islamic Europe)Treaty of London (Fashoda War)
Tyrol (Three World Orders)Unified Republic Of Canada (America Taken Over Lands To USA)Union Collapse (Map Game)
Union Republic Of Spain (America Taken Over Lands To USA)Union of Hungarians (Serbia) (Three World Orders)United Kingdom (Fashoda War)
United Serbia (Three World Orders)United States Mexico (America Taken Over Lands To USA)Zaječar

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