Danubian Soviet Republic (America Taken Over Lands To USA)Edit


Danubischen Sowjet Republik
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Coat of Arms

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Basic Information
Motto der ein kommunist und volksunion
Anthem Die Ein Allies Und Her Sein
Capital Vienna
Largest city Budapest
Other cities Prague, Bratisalava
Demonym Danubian
Government Communist-Marxist
President Yuri Zhevkov
Area 67,0003,km
Population 2327,475,886
Established 1933 (Soviet Admin in Danubia)
Independence 1933 Allied Nation OF U.S.A.
Predecessor Soviet Under Rule and Ratification of Budapest
Currency Danubian Mark
Time zone EET, EEST (UTC+2, UTC+3)
Internet TLD .da, .at, .hu, .cz, .sk, .SovietPact
Calling code 40
Official language German, Hungarian, Czech, Slovak
National language German, Hungarian, Czech, Slovak
Regional languages Polish, German
Other languages Hebrew, Romani
Ethnic groups
Main ethnic groups Germans-Austrian Hungarians Slovaks And Czechs
Other ethnic groups Poles, Germans, Jews, Romani
State religion none
Main religion(s) Christianity (77%)
Other religions Roman Catholicism (14%), Evangelicalism (6%), Lutheranism (1%), Baptism (1%), 1% other

Danubian Is Most Powerful Nation in world and its nations our globe and allied with united states


Danubian Is Under Soviet Law But In 1933 They Gave Into Danubia Admin Law At Following World War II Germans And Spanish Francoist Take Danubia But Spain Republic Left In Africa To Help It After War The Bombing of vienna is over
War and despair.

man stayed in vienna

Afterward vienna is damaged by americans after liberated Danubia To Return Back

Cold War And ModernEdit

1968 ... '2001' premiere, April 2- Washington D.C.

Danubians Officals Meet At Vienna

At 1950 United States And Danubia Was Meet Conference In House At Vienna Followed By Korean War The Danubians And Americans Expell North Korean Army From Seoul And Wons At Years In 1963 John F Kenedy Assasinated At Vienna And Dallas At Years 1969 Danubia Is Second Nation Followed By Apollo 11

In 1991 Danubia Wons Election And U.S. Supports Vaiscker in 1999 Bombing Of Olympics In Vienna After Ward In 9/11 Attacks WTC In Prague Was Hit By Airplane And in Afghan War The U.S. And Marxist Nato Defeat Talibans


Geography Is Most Nation At Records In Result Of Make Map Out Map Is Rivers And Peoples All One Map Is Rivers And Times




Our Language Held Is Population And Demandance In People
Sprache Danubischen

1. German

2. Hungarian

3. Czech

4. Slovak

These Languages In Map Are Autonomies Region In Their Country The People In Language Schools Colleges Universities Are Languages But People Speak In Every DSR Maps These People In Maps These Region

Rail SystemEdit

The Rail Of Danube People Many People Are Stand In 24 Hours A Day But Still A Map Are

  1. Vienna
  2. Budapest
  3. Prague
  4. Uzhorod
  5. Bratisalava
  6. Debrecen
  7. Insbruck
  8. Frydek Mystek
  9. Most
  10. Gyor
  11. Martin
  12. Ljubjana

Rails Of Danubias

Nuffield College

Vienna Marx Court

Vienna Is Court But Law Are Violations To Be Executed Are Violations In Law Crimes And Government Are Still Law Following:
  1. The Cite Hacked Are Prohibited
  2. Cyberbullying, Hacking, Cybersex, Also Harras And More Means To Be Execute to die
  3. Violation Terms Of Crime The Law Implements
  4. Laws Are Prohibiton And Restriction Of Age Are Introduced By Danube Supreme Court
  5. In Case Of Violation, Abuse To Be Reported