Cornwall coat
Coat of Arms
England map
Location of Cornwall in grey
Basic Information
Motto none
Anthem Can Tus West
Capital Truru
Largest city Truru
Other cities Aberfal, Austol, Cambron, Pensans
Demonym Cornish
Government Parliamentary democracy
President Denzil Coon
Area 3,563 km²
Population 173,132
Established 8th century
Independence 24 January 2001
Predecessor United Kingdom
Currency Cornish pound
Time zone WET, WEST (UTC0, UTC+1)
Internet TLD none
Calling code 441
Official language Cornish
National language Cornish
Regional languages none
Other languages English
Ethnic groups
Main ethnic groups 61% Cornish people, 38% English people
Other ethnic groups 1% other
State religion none
Main religion(s) 76% Protestantism, 21% Roman Catholicism
Other religions 2% Atheism, 1% other

Cornwall (Cornish: Kernow) is a country located on the isle of Great Britain in Europe. It consists of the territory of the former ceremonial county of Cornwall. Cornwall is a constitutional, parliamentary democracy. The current president is Denzil Coon.

After the Third World War, Cornwall struggled to create the independent Cornish state. The strongest Cornish political party, Mebyon Kernow, organized citizens of Cornwall into groups to rebuild the destroyed parts of settlements across the land. Eventually, in January 2001, Cornwall got the state border and proclaimed independence.







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