The 5th Army "vojvoda Petar Bojović" (Serbian: 5. aрмија "војвода Петар Бојовић") is the one of five field armies of ground forces of the Serbian Armed Forces. It's named after a famous Serbian WWI voivoda (equivalent of Field Marshal), Petar Bojović.


The 4th Army is organized into four divisions. Its headquarters is at Sisak. Its area of ​​responsibility is SAO Lika, SAO Kordun, SAO Banija, SAO Slavonija, SAO Zagorje, SAO Prekomurje, SAO Gorski Kotar аnd SAO Bela Krajina, all without its coastline.


  • 5th Army Headquarters - Sisak
    • 30. Independent Brigade - Murska Sobota
    • 11. Signals Battalion
    • 190. NBC Battalion
    • 409. Engineer Battalion
    • 6. Military Police Battalion
    • 423. Pontoon Battalion
  • Lika Division - Gospić
    • 103. Infantry Brigade
    • 50. Infantry Brigade
    • 20. Artillery Brigade
  • Krka Division - Benkovac
    • 92. Motorized Brigade
    • 75. Motorized Brigade
  • Kupa Division - Karlovac
    • 19. Motorized Brigade
    • 33. Motorized Brigade
    • 26. Mechanized Brigade
  • Drava Division - Osijek
    • 98. Motorized Brigade
    • 26. Mechanized Brigade
    • 29. Artillery Brigade

Combat historyEdit

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